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Galloway sheepChristmas SkySheep graze in moonlit volcanic land
A sheep on the wild hills of south west Scotland. Sennelier oil pastels on paper. Oil pastel and watercolour create lovely evocative bright sky and colours for a Christmas card design, this was the first time I had tried oil pastel and watercolour in combination in a larger piece. I love the clarity of the colours and the seasonal mood it creates. Oil pastel created moonlit landscape where sheep graze under lava hills. I am enjoying exploring the effects I can make with Sennelier oil pastels.
Sunset over volcanic landscapeCrimson SailsLa boutique du potier à Beynac.
Oil pastel and watercolour scene, as the sun sets over a volcanic landscape with angular lava flows, and 2 riders enjoying the colourful evening light. I found this cozy cove outside of Acadia National Park. Aquarelle 40x30